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NameJohn Hazen-White
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Address 11160 Cranston Street
Prov/StateRhode Island
Zip Code02920
CountryUnited States
John Hazen White, Jr.
The more than 80-year history of Taco is very much the history of my family. My grandfather and father devoted their working lives to building Taco. Each faced tough times, but they persevered, no matter what the adversity. I'm proud that from our first products to our latest developments.
Taco has contributed immeasurably to the advancement of the hydronics industry. But we don't rest on our past achievements. Taco has changed dramatically in recent years. We've restructured our management team, established efficient, new operation centers and empowered mid-level management with more responsibility and authority. We've made significant investments in state-of-the-art equipment and processes and committed to growing our international business. And we opened the Taco Learning Center for the lasting benefit of our employees and their families.

The Taco Learning Center has been recognized as an outstanding example of progressive employee training. Because we are committed to serve the larger training and educational needs of our employees, The Taco Learning Center goes beyond many other such efforts.

Many of our employees are foreign born and have wide-ranging educational needs. The Taco Learning Center is there to help them, with offerings in English as a second language, math and civics.
Because we recognize that employees have families with many of the same needs, we offer courses free of charge to family members as well.

As a family owned and operated company, we feel a special obligation to our employees and suppliers. We recognize that the dynamic partnership we enjoy with them is informed by shared values that have served all of us well throughout years of growth and development.

Now, as a mature company facing a fast changing, increasingly global market, we're committed to reaffirming and strengthening the values that have created and shaped Taco from the beginning.

As Taco grows, becomes more diversified and active in many new markets, we believe that the strong working partnerships, shared values and enduring commitment to product quality that have sustained us for more than 80 years will enable us to remain competitive and keep us vital well into the future.
Current LocationCranston, US
Taco, Inc.
_Taco, Inc.
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