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Place nameCranston
Date startTuesday, April 23 2019 09:00am (In 35 Days)
Date endTuesday, April 23 2019 04:00pm (In 35 Days)

Your Key to Closing More Sales



When members of your sales team present to prospects, do they …

  • convey confidence from the beginning?
  • immediately engage their prospects?
  • consistently address the prospects needs?
  • employ impactful presentations skills?
  • sufficiently rehearse the presentation?
  • present to the various people in the attendance?
  • have the Q & A session at the most beneficial time?
  • conclude with a call-to-action?
  • close as many sales as possible?



Sales training is just part of the equation

Effective sales training is a must for any professional sales team. BUT, it is only part of the equation for developing a top-performing team that has a consistently high closing ratio.


Knowing your product, service and processes is essential. But what about presentations skills? Are they necessary? Frankly, without knowing how to engage, persuade and inspire prospects, a salesperson is not fully equipped to do their job as well well as they should be. And unfortunately, the results prove it.


For many salespeople, a sales presentation is little more than a data dump, with the salesperson vomiting company and product info all over the prospect, with little regard for the prospects’ direct concerns or needs. That’s not what you want. It’s not professional. It’s not profitable.



Impact your bottom line with effective presentation skills

This training focuses on results through more effective customer engagement. By attending the course, you and/or your salespeople know how to create sales presentations that increase closing ratios. But this training doesn’t just educating your team, but it also develops a new culture — a culture of success.



Who should attend

Account executives, account managers, and other sales professional who regularly present solutions to customers and prospects.



Limited to only 10 sales professionals.

  • $329 per person (Early-Bird Special thru 4/1/19)
  • $349 per person (After 4/1/19)

Save when you register 3 or more people at the same time.




Peter George Public Speaking, Inc.

200 Midway Rd, #165

Cranston, RI


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