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Saturday, October 15 2016 01:33pm    Comments: 0    Categories: Default      Tags: energy  rhode island  
The tiny state of Rhode Island is at a crossroad, facing major decisions on investing in fossil fuel infrastructure or turning sharply to renewable energy.
Friday, September 23 2016 04:25pm    Comments: 0    Categories: Newsletters      Tags: tedx  small business  
One of the hardest things about running a business is finding the resources you need – be it human resources, financial resources, or educational resources.
Friday, September 26 2014 11:27am    Comments: 0    Categories: Newsletters      Tags: irish prime minister  economic development  
Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny visited the city Wednesday, saying he planned the trip to reflect on the “exceptionally deep and personal” relationship between Ireland and Rhode Island.
Thursday, March 20 2014 04:41pm    Comments: 0    Categories: Newsletters      Tags: networking  
In the last seven years of my life, I have thrown out a minimum of 100,000 business cards that I received.
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